About Me

Hi, I’m Jasper Zhang, a Biostatistics Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto and University Health Network (UHN), under the supervision of Dr. Wei Xu. I also have the privilege to work as a Research Analyst at the Child Health Evaluative Sciences program, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), with Dr. Petros Pechlivanoglou. Additionally, I’m a student member of the Health Data Working Group at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

My research spans areas like Cancer Genomics, Survival Analysis, Deep Learning, and Health Econ. For 2023-2024, I’m grateful to be supported by the DLSPH Graduate Awards in Data Science for Public Health and Health Systems.

I currently serve as the Biostatistics section editor (since 2022) for the University of Toronto Journal of Public Health (UTJPH) and was the co-president (2022-2023) of the Biostatistics Union of Graduate Students (BUGS).

I was fortunate to earn my MSc in Biostatistics from Toronto in 2021, where I was supervised by Dr. Wei Xu and Dr. Pingzhao Hu. Before that, I obtained my B.Math in Computer Science and Statistics from Waterloo in 2019. From 2018 to 2019, I worked with Dr. Depeng Jiang at Manitoba, a period during which my passion for health science research blossomed.

Beyond academics, music has always been a source of joy for me. I sing as a Tenor with the University of Toronto Allegro Choir. Our most recent performance was in April 2023 at Hart House, Toronto. If you’re interested, it’s available for viewing on bilibili and YouTube.